Personal Training

Every person who walks through our doors has their own specific fitness and health goals.  Our trainer will work with you and for you to tailor a specific program based on your body’s unique needs.


From the ballistic movements of the swing and snatch, to the grinding movements of the jerk and press, kettlebells are considered one of the best fat loss and strength building tools around.  



Looking for a social and fun way to improve your fitness and build up your functional strength?  Enjoy exercising outdoors?  Then our FitnessCamps are perfect for you!

Pre and postnatal Exercise

Exercise can not only help you get your pre-baby body back after the birth of your child, but exercise during pregnancy can also help with labour and pregnancy pains.



What can I say, from someone who couldn't even do one push up,  to now doing them on my toes. Adam is a trainer who has so much passion for his job. He has interest in your personal goals and works hard with you to ensure you reach them............... 



When I first started training with Adam, I had a little bit of fitness but no strength.  After a few weeks I could see a massive improvement in my strength............  


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