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Every person who walks through our doors has their own specific fitness and health goals.  Our trainer will work with you and for you to tailor a specific program based on your body’s unique needs.


From the ballistic movements of the swing and snatch, to the grinding movements of the jerk and press, kettlebells are considered one of the best fat loss and strength building tools around.  



Looking for a social and fun way to improve your fitness and build up your functional strength?  Enjoy exercising outdoors?  Then our FitnessCamps are perfect for you!

Group exercise – why is it so good?


You see them at the gym!

You see them in parks!

You see them on the beach!

Groups of guys and gals, working towards one common goal – to better themselves.

Drenched in sweat, sore muscles, tired…..Yet they all seem to be smiling, laughing and having a good time.

Welcome to the benefits of group training.

Scientific research has suggested that exercising in a group environment unleashes a flood of chemicals in the brain. This, for some individuals, could help turn their fitness journey into a pleasant and fulfilling one! 

Endorphins are produced by vigorous physical activity.  However, group training regimes appear to enhance the effect dramatically.

Below I’ve outlined some of my favorite benefits of group training.  As well as the obvious “high” you get from exercising, these include.

  •  Motivation

The motivation you get from group exercise is one of its biggest benefits. When we train alone, we tend to lose interest at some stage.  So we skip reps, don’t go quite as hard, and sometimes leave exercises out all together!  With group classes, your time is used wisely and efficiently by your instructor, ensuring you get a complete workout!

Being constantly reminded by your instructor or trainer to work harder and encourage you is a big plus.  Their constant support and encouragement is sure to help you take your fitness beyond its current level.  And a bit of friendly banter and competition from others in the group never goes astray!


  • It’s Social 

Training in a group allows you to meet like minded people.  People who share your goals and interests, which will help you work harder and keep you coming back week after week.  Training with others is also supportive and non-intimidating.  You’ll make new friends with similar interests in no time!


  • You can burn more calories 

With the motivation you receive from the instructor or trainer, as well as the friendly competition, you can expect to burn up to 400-600 calories in a 45 minute session (this is normal for our fitcamp classes).  While a kettlebell group session can yield up to 400 calories for a 25 minute session!  Compare this to a 40 minute workout on an elliptical trainer will only yield about 300 calories.


  • It’s safe 

Having an instructor or trainer there every step of the way, will help you feel and stay safe, which is key when starting in fitness for the first time.  As a trainer our job is to check alignment and form, and make sure you know what you should be feeling.


  • Classes are entertaining

 As you learn or do something new each week, and you are in a social environment with good company, the time seems to fly by!  Have you ever jumped on a treadmill and, after a while, thought you are doing alright and are half way through? Only to find you are only 2 minutes in?  With group classes, the music, the camaraderie and the layout of the sessions, boredom never becomes a factor.


  • You’ll save money 

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford the personalized service and benefits of a personal trainer.  But that doesn’t mean your fitness goals should be put on hold.  Joining a group session will allow you to reap the benefits of consistent training.  And the group environment will motivate you to work a little harder and in sessions that are planned out efficiently, making the most use of your time.  And you don’t need to bring anything except for yourself, a towel and some water!


  • All fitness levels can participate 

Whether you’re advanced or a beginner, you will always be welcome at a group training session.  Instructors and trainers will always have options for everyone from beginners to the fittest, ensuring that all group members get a fantastic workout, and end the session feeling a sense of accomplishment.


This is only my top 7 benefits to group training and really only touches on the surface of what group training has to offer.  But don’t take my word for it.  We at Ascension Personal Fitness would love you to come out and try one of our group fitness sessions.

Contact us for more information and find which one is suitable for you! 






Pre and postnatal Exercise

Exercise can not only help you get your pre-baby body back after the birth of your child, but exercise during pregnancy can also help with labour and pregnancy pains.



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