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From the ballistic movements of the swing and snatch, to the grinding movements of the jerk and press, kettlebells are considered one of the best fat loss and strength building tools around.  



Looking for a social and fun way to improve your fitness and build up your functional strength?  Enjoy exercising outdoors?  Then our FitnessCamps are perfect for you!

Why we love the kettlebell swing!


Kettlebell (noun):  a cast iron sphere shaped weight resembling a cannonball with a handle.  Used as a strength and conditioning tool in multi-joint full body movements. 

After starting life as a weight for produce and progressing to a health and strength development tool, the kettlebell developed into a sport of its own.  But what makes the kettlebell swing so effective? 

Greater conditioning and fitness comes from the unique positioning of the kettlebell’s weight above your centre of mass.  Due to the shape of a kettlebell, your hands and wrist remain in neutral alignment, allowing greater endurance in the core lifts (swings, cleans, presses and snatches).

The recruiting of more stabilizing muscles occurs due to the swinging nature of the kettlebell’s centre of gravity.  This increased recruitment involves more muscle groups than lifting of dumbbells, especially through the posterior chain muscles and the core muscles, which in turn leads to a more effective workout, yielding accelerated results.

 What can Kettlebell swings do for you:

  •  Improve Explosive and Maximal strength

You want to get stronger? You want to improve explosiveness? Who doesn’t! Swinging a heavier and heavier kettlebell will improve core and posterior chain strength (Think your glutes, hamstrings and quads and core). 


  • Tax both aerobic and anaerobic systems

Want to be able exercise longer at a higher intensity?  Want to burn calories for a long time after your workout?  Working with sub-maximal loads (relatively light loads), you can swing a kettlebell for a relatively long time in turn working on your aerobic capacity.

Kettlebells are also perfect for doing interval training with, helping improve anaerobic capacity.  You will also burn calories through out the day using intervals (See article on EPOC for more information on the benefits of anaerobic training)


  • Maintain health and improves overall fitness

Exercise has always been synonymous with good health.  What better way to exercise than with a kettlebell?


  • Burn up to 20.2 calories per minute!

Want to burn more calories in a shorter time?  Research suggests that steady state cardio can burn up to 10 calories a minute. I know which type of exercise I would prefer!


  • Increase musculoskeletal health by reducing neck, shoulder and low back pain, and increase trunk extensor strength 

Where do most of these problems stem from?

Well posture more than anything.  We have become a society who sits on its behinds more than using them.  By strengthening our posterior chain (think glutes and hamstrings) as well as our core, posture improves. This in turn improves musculoskeletal health


  • Can be implemented in a clinical rehabilitation setting for athletes with lower extremity injuries.

Tired of having hamstring problems while playing your chosen sport?  This often comes from under-active and weak glutes.  Kettlebell swings require strong glutes to perform the swing correctly.  They are also great for lower back rehabilitation, being used in preference of traditional posterior chain exercises.


  • Is transferable to traditional weight training and bodyweight exercises and is an excellent
    alternative to traditional weight lifting.  

Due to the swinging nature of the kettlebells centre of gravity, stabilization is required, recruiting more muscle groups into the equation.  They can be used to add some lean muscle to your frame without, perfect for the ladies wanting to “tone up”



These are just a few of the key benefits associated with the kettlebell swing. Any person, of any fitness level and with any goal can incorporate kettlebell swings into their exercise regime with positive effect.  Kettlebell swings are a great tool for strength, power, fat loss and overall conditioning.  Feedback from clients has been that they love the way kettlebell swings allows them to get an excellent cardio workout in a short amount of time, that they feel stronger and look leaner allover, and they feel energized after a training session.   So why not take advantage of what they can offer you.  If you want to take advantage of these awesome tools, contact us today and let us show you what they can do for you.

Pre and postnatal Exercise

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