When you think of Fitness Camps, what do you envisage?


A slave-driving, military-like trainer barking orders? Crawling around in muddy water and jumping high walls?  Hundreds of push-ups all in a row? Running, running and more running? 


Well at Ascension we’re here to dispel those preconceptions and replace them with our own brand of Fitness Camps! 


We have worked hard to build a certain kind of Fitness Camp.  One which encompasses all fitness levels,  personalities and walks of life, bringing them together and working towards a common goal.  One of improving  functional fitness and strength and overall well being. 

Our FitnessCamps are capped at 10 participants, which enables our training coach to deliver a more personalized session for all involved.  It’s more of a group personal training session. 


We offer three different types of Fitness Camps.



Aptly named due to the beach being an integral part of the workouts.  Ever tried running in soft sand as compared to grass or bitumen?  Soft sand provides an in-built resistance that gets the major muscles firing, as well as recruiting a lot of stabilizer muscles.







Regular FitnessCamp

There really isn’t anything regular about our FitnessCamps!  These are generally run in the parklands and on the foreshore of the beach.  These FitnessCamps promote the strength and fitness needed to tackle the everyday tasks we all face.  Whether it is carrying in the shopping, pushing a trolley or picking up the kids for a cuddle, our regular FitnessCamps will ensure all your everyday tasks will become a breeze!







Our KettlebellCamps differ from our Kettlebell Training classes in the fact that they also integrate a lot of bodyweight movements into the sessions.  In other words, you get all the strength and fat loss benefits of kettlebells, as well as the functional strength of bodyweight movement patterns. 


Our FitnessCamps run at various locations and times most days of the week.  Please check our timetable or contact us for further information and to book your spot today!