Here at Ascension Personal Fitness, we believe that no matter whom you are, or what your fitness situation is, you will always be welcomed and treated as a person, not just a number!

Here are just a few of things our clients are saying about our services





I was asked by a prospective client the other day what kind of results she could expect from our services. So I set about explaining things like body re composition (fat loss/muscle gain and body shape transformation), increased flexibility, cardiovascular health and improved eating habits. 

After explaining all this to them I though the old adage "a picture paints a thousands words", so I set about writing and composing a picture and some words of one of my most successful clients.

As you can see when Shona starting out with us, she was extremely unhealthy. She was lethargic, had no stamina and very low self esteem. What followed in the next 12 months was a learning curve for the both of us. 

For the first 6 months we noticed some results, but not as good as was hoped. It was one step forward and then was step back. Life got in the way, training was interrupted for periods of time and, to be honest, I was at my wits end and I think Shona was as well! 

About 6 months ago, Shona made a pact with me to do a 30 day challenge. We looked at everything from diet (which was the biggest hurdle), training and decided on a fresh approach. 7kg and approx 20cms overall lost in 30 days was impressive. But what was more impressive was the months that followed. 
In the 6 month period to date, Shona has lost approximately 20kg, with 30kg lost in total. Her strength and self esteem has increased dramatically and so has her outlook on life.  Judging from the photos below, I think she looks great!


 This is from some of our fitcampers!


I started with Adam and fitcamp in February 2014 and love it! I have improved so much over the months especially with my core and strength which was very poor in the beginning. Adam is very encouraging, motivating and pushes me to go that bit further. I have a great sense of achievement when completing some of the exercises and actually look forward to each session as I know I will feel good by the end.  It’s also a great group of people so it feels more of a social meeting too!  Thank you Adam for pushing me further than I have ever been and making me believe I can do it and reach my goals. -Caroline



They say it takes 20 seconds of pure bravery to step outside your comfort zone.  It took about 2 minutes of training with Adam Romano to realize that everything I thought was impossible is in fact possible.  I end every session knowing that my limits have been pushed just that little bit further. And before I realize it I discover that not only am I closer to doing those things which I had previously found impossible, in some cases those things are not only possible but being achieved. Bootcamp training is like a perpetual surprise party with no two weeks being the same.  I return each week not only to find out how far I can push myself, but also with eager curiosity for what Adam has planned.  Adam.... As a trainer I could ask for no one better.  Your enthusiasm for help people achieve their health and fitness goals ensures that session with you are not only about the calorie burn, but also about achieving real and lasting results.  Your attitude towards not only training but to life in general encourages and motivates me, to not only improve but to find and achieve the best version of myself possible.  Your faith and belief that even if I can not do it today that I will do it one day, is a form of support that is valuable beyond words.  The fact that when I hit the wall you will be there doing, pushups, burpees, shuttle runs, stair climbs right  beside not only me but every person you train, only encourages all of us to dig that little bit deeper. - Felicity



When I first started training with Adam, I had a little bit of fitness but no strength. After a few weeks I could see a massive improvement in my strength. Adam cares for each one of his client's needs, adjusting the sessions to help each individual achieve their goals. He really knows how to make the sessions fun. Thanks Adam for helping me achieve my goals! - Nick



What can I say, from someone who couldn't even do one push up, to now doing them on my toes. Adam is a trainer who has so much passion for his job. He has interest in your personal goals and works hard with you to ensure you reach them. I never believed that I could do what I now do in his sessions. His positive attitude makes exercise fun. Not only is he a great trainer but becomes your friend someone who actually cares about you which makes the whole experience enjoyable. I thank you Adam for everything you have done to make me a better person! Belinda



What can I say for the bootcamp sessions I attended..... For someone who has done no real form of exercise it was an eye opener. I came in thinking there was no way I could ever do any of the things you had planned and walked away with the mind set that I could do anything I put my mind to. Your positive attitude and bubbly personality made me look forward to every session, which I never thought possible. At the end I became stronger psychologically and physically and I thank you for that. I do have to say though that I thought on quite a few occasions that I was going to die, and my body had never felt this kind of strain but, having said that it was a great achievement. Once again thank you and if my busy life with the children changes I will definitely join again - Tina